Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Open up more ashrams to control population explosion thereby reducing poverty and suffering – a great CSR agenda"

In India, there is its magnificent lineage of noble ancestors, the great men and seers who have protected and enriched the nation through their spiritual practices and wisdom.
In the midst of controversial book ‘Holy Hell’ by 20yrs personal attendant of the godwoman a.k.a Amma and sexual scandal by another godman Asaram Bapu as it sets the religious sentiments of the ardent followers on fire, I would unhesitant to say that India needs more ashrams not for spiritual well-being and enlightenment, rather for the single cause controlling population explosion. I am not underestimating the population of India as one of our strengths. But when you go for a job hunt and have to compete with a hundred thousand instead of few hundreds of candidates, I am sure, the same population that we just said as strength turns your chances of life miserable and keep you an educated beggar on the street and in life. Similarly, when you travel by bus or car and not able to reach your destination on time due to heavy traffic, don’t blame your destiny. Instead, think about the population explosion that is around in the country which sucks your time, life, opportunities and even energy.
We are almost hitting 1.3 billion soon. So imagine your chances of making your life comfortable is getting lesser and lesser. If we consider every young couple is thinking of having just one or two kids, it is going to escalate the population in the next 10 years to a 20 or 25% more than what it is now. And certainly, one of the major reasons of misery, poverty, suffering, pollution that India undergo today is nothing other than over population itself.
In the 70s, Sanjay Gandhi had envisioned the catastrophe and started with compulsory sterilization which was criticized all across that time. You may read more about it from the sources on the internet.
So I think, one of the ways to bring down the ever escalating population is to have more ashram in India. Let youngsters take the call and be in the ashram to experience the call of their biological freedom in the name of spirituality without making kids. It may be against the Indian culture and tradition. But if most of the ashrams are a place for sexual gratification and making money then why not try it out convert the problem into a productive solution for the ever challenging problem. Probably, that is one of the ways through which the undisputed Indian tradition or legacy can save India in the 21st century. Be it any religion, sect or cult, encourage more and more ashrams where youth can remain single and yet live there life.
Om Shanti...

(Comment if your insight and vision can enrich and enhance the acute social problem of over population and poverty Or else remain with folded hands as a numb onlooker.)

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