Thursday, January 22, 2015

Human beings Do Not Need To Breed 'Like Rabbits' - Be Responsible

Pope Francis: Catholics Do Not Need To Breed 'Like Rabbits'
Pope just reminded the people of twenty first century. But it is certainly a reminder not just to Catholics but to the entire human race. Humanity is the race that we all belong to not religion. A species that has self-exalted with dignity and pride as above all other species but not in terms of life and living with dignity. Human beings do breed like rabbits swatting human dignity into the gutters and thrashes. Can we call this as responsible parenting? Are we as parents respecting human dignity? 
Responsible parenthood is not just populating the earth with human species that cases turn to be human animals defaming the human race. Child birth across the world is hardly done in good conscience as most of it turns out to be a mistake or miscalculation. And net result is a life is thrown into world of misery and disaster. Is this really responsible parenting?
Know your resources and capabilities in the competitive world to bring up progeny in a responsible way. Look at the sparrows before the lay eggs, they make their own houses/nests and equip themselves fully ready for welcoming their progeny. 
Can we atleast learn from the other species, if we are ignorant about how to be responsible.
Don’t look at the world who slams you as barren, just say hell with the world who slams you as barren. They are not going to feed your kids or being responsible for their upbringing. So, go for it only when you are prepared and equipped for being responsible for your creation. Because, human being is a being with dignity and that dignity is to be respected as we have exalted ourselves as the superior species. 
If what difference do we from the birds or animals?
Are we greater than the bird or animal species?
By Dr. Joji Valli
When a journalist asked Pope Francis about birth control during an impromptu press conference on the papal plane, Pope Francis said contraception isn’t the answer, but rather ‘responsible parenthood.’ He explained it with graphic words.
“Some think that, excuse my expression, that in order to be good Catholics they have to be like rabbits. No! Responsible parenthood!”
Responsible parenthood, meaning Catholic couples, in good conscience should decide how many children they can raise. Through his words, the Pope defended natural planning methods. The most popular one is known as the Billings Ovulation Method.

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