Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Spicejet online fraud on its customers. Beware...

Spicejet will cheat you. Don't book on their site.
Today i booked a ticket on spicejet website taking advantage of their recent offer. After making the payment, the site informed me that the session was expired. So it advised me to rebook the ticket. And no PNR was issued.
So i went to one of their franchise site and booked the ticket immediately.
I got PNR immediately and got sms on my mobile instantly for debting of cash from my credit card.
But to my surprise after half an hour i get another sms on my mobile stating that cash has been debited from my credit card.
The same kind of situation has happened to a few of my friends too with spice jet.
I called my credit card company and spicejet to rectify the situation.
However both confirmed that money has been deducted from my credit card.
Can anyone see how Spicejet plays game to cheat its customers in the clean daylight...
Everyone who book a ticket through spicejet website be warned about the situation.
How can they deduct amount from the credit card without issuing a PNR?
And how can the session be timed out or expired once it goes to payment gateway?
Normally, the website will rectify everything before it takes the customer to the payment gateway. Once, it is onto the payment gateway the deal is finalized.
So i seriously warn all the prospectus customers of Spicejet to be cautious about this situation.
They are cheating the customers and simply deducting money from the creditcard.
Really watchout of such cheats like spicejet.

I complained to them and i get the response from spicejet that your money will be reimbursed after 30 days.

Is it ethical to bill someone's credicard without selling something?

What rights do the spicejet or any seller has to touch a customers creditcard ?

Can we call this as an instance of corporate fraud?

If they do the same to 500 customers daily, how much free money they get for 30 days in their account?

Let us react and raise our voice against daylight fraud of the corporate.

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